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    From 2009, Varshesh Industries Pvt Ltd (VIPL) has a mission with a vision add to its experience in Project Management, Investment planning, migrating services on cloud and as a group of consultants, focuses on stratergic planning and designing of process for an organisation to reduce their operational & capital expenditure and increasing the bottom margins and RoI.

  • About

    We specialised in :-.

    1. Hospital Management Information Solution(HMIS)
    2. Consultancy in IoT,ERP, etc
    3. Designing,Planning & Execution
    4. Project Management
    5. Business Intelligence
    6. Mobile Application Integration

    and much more .... Depending on your requirements.

  • Services

    Our services are :

    • - CAD Customisation & Technical support on Linux
    • - Web based IoT,ERP, BigData,etc.
    • - Web based GIS/MIS/LIS
    • - Scanning,Vectoring of maps, Extracting Geo-physical features from Satellite imageries,etc.
    • - Development in Python,Apache, PostgreSQL,SQLite, No-SQL DB,etc.
  • Clients

    Varshesh Industries Pvt Ltd is a IT services company that offers cloud / BigData solutions to meet all your business requirements. Solution provided to small business, medium business and to various Government Departments of India. Providing solution to clients from UK in managing their day-to-day operations to Patient tracking solution in India.

“ We Move You to the Next Generation .. Innovation Distinguishes between a Leader and a follower.... and We believe in INNOVATIONS „