Web GIS / LIS / MIS / GPS Designing:

   Web based GIS / LIS / MIS / GPS combined solution for tagging Khasra with BigData. Vehicle Location
   over the net or on Mobile devices, are provided as a customised solution. With project growth of
   Internet of Things, web and mobile based location services are going to grow. In healthcare and disease
   outbreak pattern study can be done on the web with our services.

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Web Application Development:
We provide our services in developing ERP solution as per your organisation's requirements. The development is done using latest technology in web sphere and Big Data Analysis. An integrated appproach, wherein Geographic Information along with Internet of Things merged with Big Data and then its analysis based on various parameters.

CAD on Linux®,Mac® and Windows®:
We offer customisation and Development of specialised modules as per your requirements. We are the Resellers of BricsCAD® for Northern India.
We also provide on call, technical support in installation and training of BricsCAD®.
Some of the software developed in 1986, have been used without any change,
are as follows :-

   Some more spheres covered by BricsCAD®are the architechture, mapping, Sheet Metal
   cutting and great for any 2D & 3D drafting of the drawings. A group collaboration cloud
    based utility, BIM, Manufacturing tools are also within BricsCAD® environment.

    There is full compatibility of AutoLisp and you can run your LSP scripts without any change in Mac® and Windows® version of BricsCAD.

   Now a version of BricsCAD® on Linux too !!!

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