Nitin Chandra :
Starting his work life in 1991, he has been in the IT field since the days when 286 desktop PC and DOS 4.5 were uncommon. From then on he has put considerable amount of experience behind him in learning and maintaining various operating systems, software''s and computer hardware. Some time in mid of 1998 he was introduced to Linux, as a free and upcoming OS developed by the global software community. Dabbling since 1998, in Linux, and seeing it grow in strength,He is leveraging the maximum out of the opportunity available with Linux / Cloud / SaaS.

Since 1991, Nitin, has been involved in In other fields of Surveying, Mapping, Project Supervision for Road, Railways, Expressways, etc. Some of the development done by / under his supervision are for Quantity calculation of approx. 1000 Km of Railway lines. Automating preparation of technical drawings. Web / Browser based application development for LIS, Warehousing, container transportation. Patient management solution, etc.